Breakfast all day..

I will never forget the first time I ever had breakfast in Beirut (see photo below!).  That day marked the first day of my obsession with eating “breakfast food” all day every day.

Lebanese food

My first Lebanese breakfast..

Something about this just looks..well wrong..I will never be able to go back!

Classic American Breakfast

Classssssic American Breakfast



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6 responses to “Breakfast all day..

  1. Basil

    So which cheese do you like the most?

    • meinlebanon

      Are you kidding? I love all cheeses! But my favorite breakfast food is labneh with zaatar! I was eating it all the time until I found out how fattening it is!

  2. Mom

    Point made – I agree with you for sure. The Lebanese breakfast looks much more enticing. Not sure Jonathan and Isabelle would agree though!

  3. Carol

    I would rather have the American Breakfast 🙂 but as long as you enjoy theirs…..

  4. Youssef Chaker

    labneh is not fattening 😛
    eat as much as you want, and there are fat free labneh too (which i’ll never even touch!) if you must watch what you eat 🙂

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