I’m a 23 year old from Miami living and working in Beirut, Lebanon. I’ve climbed The Great Wall of China, volunteered at an orphanage in Bangkok, seen a bull fight in Madrid, and been to a coffee shop in Amsterdam. I’ve had high tea at the Burj al Arab in Dubai, paid 4 euros for a waffle in Belgium, and eaten jerk chicken in Jamaica. I’ve been to the rain forest in Costa Rica, Ground Zero in New York, and The Opera House in Sydney. I’ve experienced Chicago in January, Trinidad during carnival, and the nightlife in Beirut. I’ve seen the Alps of Switzerland, used an outhouse in Kentucky, and had a margarita in Key West.

These are my stories.



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4 responses to “Moi.

  1. Mom

    Danielle, you certainly have gotten around! For a 23-yr old American girl whose family is not in the travel industry, nor in the military or diplomatic field, this is quite impressive. All of these different travel experiences have helped to mould you into the person you are, and I’m sure you will be further enriched by your stay in Lebanon.

  2. Carol

    And not ONCE have we gone to ANY of these places TOGETHER!!! I HOPE YOU REGRET THIS!!!

  3. wow, I’m in shock.

  4. Mark

    I just finished reading your entire blog , i just couldn’t stop haha. Definitely one of the best blogs I’ve ever read. You managed to identify all the flaws and the qualities of the Lebanese society in just a year and a half whereas Lebanese take a lifetime to understand their problems. Hope you’ll be coming back soon.

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