Honking in Beirut..oh, and planting trees in Hamra..

Correct me if I’m wrong,,as I’ve only lived here for a couple of months now..but does it ever get easier to deal with the honking in Beirut?  It always seems to be especially bad when I’m in Hamra..likely because the street is lined with apartment buildings and commercial complexes trapping in the deafening noise..

A recent article in the Daily Star addresses the issue of “noise pollution” in Beirut..while they’re at it, why don’t they address pollution as well?  Apparently, a Fullbright scholar and professor at American University in Beirut is proposing that people who engage in habitual or unnecessary honking be fined. GOOD LUCK.

Does she not realize that honking is a Lebanese national past time?

The professor is suggesting that the fine money be used to plant trees in Hamra to serve as noise absorbers.  Trees, in Hamra?  Ummm where are they going to plant them?  In the concrete?  For my Miami people, saying your going to plant trees in Hamra, is like saying you are going plant trees in Brickell.

According to the Daily Star,

“Loud and persistent noise causes the vibration of eardrums and signals the brain to produce harmful chemicals; annoying noise leading to increased stress, irritability and rage can be harmful to health by increasing gastric acid, desire to smoke and drink coffee and restless sleep.  Adults under stress manifest socially unacceptable behavior in the presence of children by honking horns and speaking foul language.”

Stress, irritability, INCREASED GASTRIC ACID?

Something must be done, and QUICK!

I found this brilliant graphic on a Lebanese blog, by a designer named Joe..its time like these that I wish I was a graphic designer too!

and for my non Lebo people, this is what a Lebanese flag looks like..

Lebanese flag

Lebanese Flag



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5 responses to “Honking in Beirut..oh, and planting trees in Hamra..

  1. Carol

    Ummmm….noise is DEFINITELY a health hazard…..hearing my mom nag at me everyday…DUH!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Thank You for listing my blog and design !
    Nice blog!

  3. Youssef Chaker

    explains why lebanese people are heavy smokers and coffee drinkers. but yet, how the hell did i escape those bad habits? i think one solution can benefit both sides. PATIENCE! if you’re patient, you can ignore the honking and not allow it to stress you out. Also, if you are patient you can resist the urge to honk. find your inner zen and you shall be free of the honks.
    btw, i think i can count on one had the times ive honked. wtf! am i really lebanese? i swear i walked the same streets and basked under the same sun!!! the trees would be nice though 🙂

    • HAHAH.yeah, ARE you really Lebanese? Well..there is one habit I share with the Lebanese..the coffee obsession. I’m drinking my daily double espresso while I write this! Yes, I agree..the trees in Hamra would be nice..but I wrote that post almost a year ago,,and as far as I know..no new trees have gone up!

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