How to NOT make friends at work in Beirut (or anywhere for that matter)

So, it is my fourth week of work in Beirut, and I’m adjusting to 1. working 2. working in an office 3. working in an office in Beirut!  So, please forgive me if I didn’t know that everyone is supposed to bring their own mugs!  No wonder I haven’t made any friends, I’ve been stealing their mugs for the past three weeks!

Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

Working in Beirut, Lebanon



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12 responses to “How to NOT make friends at work in Beirut (or anywhere for that matter)

  1. Basil

    I am just glad that you didn’t get cussed out in arabic…lol

    • meinlebanon

      I know, right?!? Instead they have been feeding me insane amounts of chocolate and Man’oushe! Killing me with kindness!

  2. Mom

    Good thing you can laugh at yourself. This was kind of funny 🙂

  3. mounz

    love it!!!
    hey look at the bright side. if you manage to get away with drinking out of everybody else’s mugs and still get treated for lunch everyday, u must be doing something right.

  4. Carol


  5. Nat

    Babe, you can have my mug (its the black idiots mug).. 😉
    See you when I get back!! 🙂

  6. Maeghann

    Haha This is too funny!

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  8. Ali El Dali

    this is just too hilarious hahah
    killing you slowly with chocolate and food huh? goo idea :p

  9. Leon

    Been reading you’re blogs for quite some time now… out of all, this one made me laugh like never before (well… almost) lol

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