Pollution in Beirut

I held by breath as I drove into Beirut today..well, as long as I could at least.

Somedays, as I look down at the city from Hazmieh, I cringe at the thought of spending the entire day breathing in the polluted air!  This is serious!  More serious that gastric acid inducing honking I should think!

I would really like to see the government do something to regulate emissions in the city..it would be such a shame to see such a beautiful city go to ruin over something like pollution.

That will be the day.

Pollution in Beirut, Lebanon

Beirut on a bad day...

Landscape photo of Beirut, Lebanon

Beirut on a good day..


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6 responses to “Pollution in Beirut

  1. Hi dani! So I ran into my friend who lived in beirut at a bar on friday and we had this exact conversation. When she went there she taught english and volunteered at an environmentalist ngo hoping to influence the city’s policy on pollution. The talk inspired me to get involved with the causes I believe in so im looking to volunteer with Architects For Humanity!

    • meinlebanon

      I think that is great Renata! Its such a shame that people here don’t seem to understand what pollution is doing to their beautiful country..there are some cars on the road, that look like they are doing all that they can to keep from breaking down..I should see what I can do too to get involved in the cause. Are you going to work with Architects for Humanity in Miami, why don’t you come to Beirut! There are a lot of Brazilians here!

  2. Mom

    Here in S. Florida we take our clean air for granted – we just expect it to be clear every day. Usually the only reason we have an issue is when there are brush fires in the dry season. These photos make me feel grateful for what we have.

  3. Carol

    I have the solution….HOLD YOUR BREATH when outside!!! LOL!

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