A day at the winery..

We decided to opt for something different this weekend..a visit to a local winery called Massaya..

Before getting to the winery, we stopped off at a place famous for their labneh..I had two labneh sandwiches and Turkish coffee, even before we got to the winery – I didn’t realize I had an organic feast waiting for me!

After arriving at the winery, we walked through the grape fields until we came upon a wooden cottage that looked like it belonged somewhere in Kentucky, not in Lebanon!  Ahhh!  What a breath of fresh air just being there was..The restaurant at Massaya winery is only open on Sundays for lunch, and sits only 50-60 people, we were lucky to have gotten a reservation.

What proceeded was a two and a half hour meal fit for kings: six courses, open wine bar, and an intimate experience with people that I’m lucky to know..

Massaya Winery

Inside Massaya gift shop

Massaya Winery

The restaurant, how amazing is this?!?

Massaya Winery


Massaya Winery

Marshmellows in Lebanon,,yes!


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