Lebanese, the nicest “one uppers..” you will ever meet..

Everyone knows what a “one upper” is right?  Well for those of you who don’t, let me enlighten you..

According to the folks at urban dictionary:

A “one upper” is:

A person who feels like they need to be better than everyone else, so they constantly “one-up” anything that anyone says.  See the definition here.

For example:

Chad: Dude, I got a V-6 Mustang today, its Lime Green!

Todd (the “one upper”): Oh, but I got a Roush ‘Stang with a supercharger thats laying down 400 to the wheels dawg.

Chad (to himself): What a one upper!

So, usually, when you say someone is a “one upper” it’s negative thing..But that all changed when I came to Lebanon.  You see, aside from speaking three languages in one sentence, the Lebanese have this habit of “one upping” each other in their daily speech without even knowing they’re doing it! 

Let me demonstrate:

Upon entering work, Mirna says to Maya:

Mirna: Bonjour! (Hello!)

Maya (the nice “one upper”): Bonjourein! (Hello times two!, or Hello Hello!)

When entering an apartment complex, Sarin says to the caretaker:

Sarin: Marhaba! (Hello)

The Caretaker (the nice “one upper”): Marhabtein! (Hello times two!, or Hello Hello!)

When getting into a taxi, Olfat says to the driver:

Olfat: Ahlan! (Hello)

Driver: Ahlein! (Hello times two!, or Hello Hello!)

then, the driver says…

Driver: Service? (One taxi, one stop?, “Do you only want to pay me 2 lira to go to Achrafieh from Hamra? REALLY?”)

to which Olfat quickly replies, right before he drives off…

Olfat (the nice “one upper”): Nam, servicen! (No No, I’ll pay you for two taxis (two stops), I’ll pay you 4 lira!”)

The Lebanese: revolutionizing the way the world views “one uppers.”



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8 responses to “Lebanese, the nicest “one uppers..” you will ever meet..

  1. meinlebanon

    Please correct me if I spelt anything wrong!

  2. yourboyblue

    At the risk of appearing like I am stalking/spamming your blog:

    Saha – Sahtein
    Ya3teek il 3afiyeh – Alaa yi3afeek
    Keefak? – bas2al 3anak
    Saha – 3ala albak
    etc. etc.

    • meinlebanon

      Hahaha..no no.. stalk all you want!..

      Iowa, huh? Yeahhh boiiiii! lol

      Jordan..niceeeee I’m going to make my way there one of these days..send me one of your photos from Lebanon so I can post it here to show everyone..or a photo from Jordan maybe?

      • yourboyblue

        word. now if we can just figure out a way to share our email addresses without exposing them to millions of spambots. They’re taking over the world I tells ya!

      • meinlebanon

        How else would I be able to yell at you if you wrote something I didn’t like?

        Hey you have quite a crush on a miss boteo, don’t you!


      • yourboyblue

        teehee. And I’m not doing a very good job at hididing it. Tell you what, here’s my spam address. We’ll take it from there.
        (Because hotmail has crap spam protection anyway)

  3. Mok

    Nice punchline at the end, would work well for a stand-up comedy routine. It’s true, one of the infinite number of trademarks of this country.

    Don’t have much else to add, just wanted to give you the honor of my inaugural post on your blog.

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