Go figure..

So I was in the taxi this morning (a service! go me!), when we stopped off on the side of the road to pick up another man..he had to say where he wanted to go about three times, because the taxi driver couldn’t understand..

The taxi driver turned to me, and started speaking in Arabic..to which I replied,,”Looks like you have two people who don’t speak Arabic in your taxi today!”

Lame, I know..but hey.. what are the chances!  I was so excited, another foreigner!..Turns out, he is an Irishman whose been living in Lebanon for a year and a half..

“You would think I would know how to say the name by now,” he said.  After which, the taxi driver chimed in..”I speak German! I lived in Zurich for three years..you know it? In Switzerland?  I speak English, French, German, and Arabic.  Most Lebanese only speak French and Arabic!”

“Well, aren’t you special!” I said, like a primary school teacher acknowledging a proud pupil..

So, there I was.. heading to work in a service taxi with an Irishman, but being driven by a man who was probably more qualified than the both of us put together.

Go figure.



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4 responses to “Go figure..

  1. yourboyblue

    Rule number one. Don’t believe a word Lebanese taxi drivers tell you. I can’t tell you how many highly successfull architects that just drive a cab on the side for fun I’ve met.

  2. Wow the people you can meet. You cant speak any arabic, is that tough? And what do you do in Lebanon? give me some background girl.. LOL

    • meinlebanon

      Yup, I don’t speak any Arabic..but I’ve had an easier time than I imagined..most people here speak English!

      I’m a copywriter for a web design firm..I’ve managed to turn my passion into a job! yay!

      do you live in Lebanon?!?

      Give me some background gurrrrll!

  3. Lol Your life is filled with so much!! Everyday seems to be full of fun, enjoy yourself 🙂

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