Just another manic Monday!

Well, it was a relatively exciting Monday, you know..with me losing my phone and all…

You see..

After work, I went downstairs to take this picture (see below)..determined to display the rather odd placement of a church and and a mosque RIGHT NEXT to each other..

I am reminded of this fact at around 6 pm everyday, when the church bells ring, and the prayers sound..AT EXACTLY THE SAME TIME!  This makes for quite a conspicuous display of faith, that sends everyone rushing to close their windows and their doors.   You see, this wouldn’t be so.. if both the church and the mosque didn’t insist on using LOUD speakers to broadcast their call to prayer!! I mean is that really necessary? 

St. Georges Church and Al Amin Mosque..yup they really are right next to each other!

Anyhow, I was so busy thinking about his post, that I didn’t realize I had left my cell phone on the bench I was sitting on.. untillllll I was halfway through a rather unappetizing shawrma at Bar Bar in Hamra.   sidenote: perhaps I spoke too soon in a previous post where I lauded Bar Bar as having the best shawrma in town..


I did manage to get this rather nice shot..

Bar Bar Hamra...

So, after I finish my “dinner,” I headed back to downtown to look for the phone, but to no avail..

“It was only a shitty nokia anyway,” I thought to myself.  “It’s not like I lost ANOTHER i-Phone (like the one I did last October,,in an obscure Walmart somewhere in a bad neighborhood in North Miami, only a couple of days after I got the bloody phone!!)

“For sure, someone picked it up,” I thought..”It was right here, in plain sight.. ripe for the taking!”

Resigned, I headed back to Hamra to see about getting another cell phone..when..someone called my friend’s phone from MY cellphone!  As it turns out, someone HAD picked it up,,and was nice enough to drop it off at a store in downtown..

YAY!..I won’t have to give my two contacts my new number!

So, I decided to celebrated with a gelato..

Coffee, toffee, and vanilla..oh my!

and take some pictures on the way back to my place..

Should have removed that wireless internet poster..it so disrupts the flow!


 I’m so thankful for adventure..life would be such a bore without it!

Even if it means I have to almost lose a phone or two from time to time. 😉


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4 responses to “Just another manic Monday!

  1. yourboyblue

    Hooray! Glad to see you’re still alive (I was spoiled with daily posts there for a while) and that you got your phone back.
    Now, those photos are ready. When are you gonna email me?

  2. Mom

    I have to say, both the church and the mosque look like beautiful buildings. I wonder which one was built first and if the decision to build the second one so close was a deliberate one or just kind of “happened” because it made economic sense due to an opportunity.

    My other comment is … looks like Lebanese people might be more honest and caring than Miamians. How nice of that person to take the time to try to get your phone back to you … right! But please … don’t push your luck by letting it happen a third time in a year, OK!!!

  3. dude as i said before nice posts keeping them coming, just a comment on the pic u took with all that graffiti. its funny how its says to keep the wall clean from all posters and graffiti but its full….

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