Apartment shopping…

So, I’m in the market for an apartment..if you know of anything available in Hamra, holllla back.

The only way to find anything here is to hit the streets..there is no craigslist, or any really reliable source of information about available apartments..well aside from an online directory called e-waseet..which, in my experience, hasn’t yielded any worth mentioning!

What does this mean for someone like me who doesn’t have any wasta (connections/hook ups)?  Well.. it means I have to literally go building to building, door to door, caretaker to caretaker acquiring about available apartments..

Probably not the most relaxing way to spend an afternoon, but definitely an entertaining one!  I’ve been going on these apartment hunts for a few weeks now..but as is the case when living in Lebanon, I never seem to get very far..as I either run into people I know, or decide stop for a coffee, some gelato, a meal..or even sometimes all three!

It was during one of these excursions that I hit my all time high for the number of times I’ve eaten out in a single day.  5 times!  Bread Republic, University Sage, Buttermint, Bar Bar, a gelato place (I forget the name), and Napoletana..a girl’s gotta eat!

Anyway,,here are some of the nicer apartment buildings in Hamra..of course they are wayyy out of my price range..but still nice to look at!

Apartment building in Hamra

A REALLY NICE apartment building in Hamra..

My days spent apartment hunting aren’t entire write offs, as I often encounter interesting things worthy of mention…

For example..this electrical phenomenon..

An electrician's worst nightmare..

And these two bathrooms below…

Where exactly are you supposed to take a shower?

No space for a bathroom sink? Put it OUTSIDE the bathroom of course!

Ahh..everyday is truly an adventure! 😉


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One response to “Apartment shopping…

  1. Youssef Chaker

    Just a quick note about the wires (just in case): when you see wires like that, it usually means someone is stealing electricity. Yes, stealing power, we do that too in lebanon! And depending on the area or the case, some people hook a wire to the street lights, others to their neighbor’s power to avoid the electric bills. My father actually found out once that someone had hooked up his apartment to our electricity, and we were basically paying the bill for 2 homes!!!
    This is also why some neighborhoods don’t even have street lights. To avoid that kind of situations! Oh the things that the Lebanese do 😛

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