Happy Easter!!

Look at what the Easter bunny brought us for lunch..

Man, the Lebanese and their attention to detail..





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4 responses to “Happy Easter!!

  1. yourboyblue

    This is not helping my workout/healthy eating plan, you know.

  2. flabergaster

    What you described as attention for details of Lebanese on Easter day is more than that. Its tradition on how to celebrate Easter with a heavy influence from the west, in this instance. Unfortunately these traditions are evaporating quickly with the dismantling of the “Family”. More so in the US than in the East. Typical Lebanese family will be celebrating Easter but with a different note and style.

    • meinlebanon

      Do you have any photos of this “different note and style?” If not, please describe it for me! As you can probably tell, I’m new to the country, and am documenting what I see! I would love to learn about the traditional way of celebrating Easter in Lebanon.

      But for now, the Lebanese and their attention to detail, style, and presentation blow me away every time!

  3. Youssef Chaker

    This is why I love your blog.
    Looking at that picture I would not have thought of attention to detail. Not that it wouldn’t have been my first thought, no, it would have never even crossed my mind! Extravagance may be one thing I would think of. But mostly, it’s the food that would be the focus for me. Not because i love food (which is true), but because of the habits and traditions in Lebanon (and most of the countries surrounding the Mediterranean). Think of thanksgiving dinner, but for every occasion (small or big). Unfortunately, this behavior contributes in a major way to the extended waist line in most Lebanese men. But it’s also a good family building opportunity. At least in my family 😛
    And coming from an interfaith marriage, I get to celebrate all the religious holidays, so ive sat through many, and i mean MANY, meals where it wasn’t just a parents table and a kids table, more like a parents table, a kids table and a kids’ kids table. Where men do as much if not more cooking than the women. And where the meal starts at noon, ends at around 3 or 4 pm, pause for a breather, and then resumes with the after meal servings of arabic sweets, tea and/or coffee. if you are receiving a hint of nostalgia, that’s because it’s been a while since one of those days!
    So now that I have given you a tiny look at one way the traditions in Lebanon are experienced. Back to my first statement. your posts make me appreciate some of the things that i’ve either taken for granted or have been overshadowed by some of the negative things in Lebanon. The smoking, the honking, the fractions between the people are some of the things that become overwhelming and make you forget about some what is nice about the country. Also, having grown up with some of this stuff, I don’t give it any importance and just regard it as usual or daily occurrences, so nothing note worthy. And when your impression goes towards the detail, it’s refreshing and nice to see that when someone else is looking from the outside in, what they see is not just the bad and the ugly but also the good. When someone (an outsider specifically), looks at you and sees something good when in most other instances all that was seen is the negative sides, it leaves a nice and warm feeling. Thanks for posting this 🙂

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