Byblos Part 1

So, although not very far..I did “get away” for the Easter holiday weekend..

After three months of Beirut (and I talk about Beirut like it’s a possessive lover, because really, it is..) I desperately needed a break, an escape, ANYTHING!


After my first scenic drive through Jounieh, and past the Casino du Liban, we arrived in Byblos.. a Mediterranean city in Mount Lebanon that is believed by many to be the longest inhabited city in the world..

It is amazing what a difference 35 minutes can make!

A big part of the reason we decided to go, was that we found a charming boutique hotel called Hotel Canari de Byblos that sits in close proximity to everything the town has to offer: the tourist center, the Phoenician Castle of Byblos, The Old city, The Old Souk, as well as spectacular views of the Mediterranean Sea.  You can view their website by clicking here and their raving reviews on Trip Advisor here.

Not only were we greeted by the friendly staff, but we ended up sitting down for coffee with the proprietors of the hotel!  A lovely couple who decided to follow their dreams and open up a hotel in the heart of Byblos, quit a massive undertaking indeed.

We talked about life, love, and even their disappointment with Exotica’s recent advertising campaigns!  In my many years of going to hotels, and even working in some, this was a first for me..and yet another reason why I’m enjoying my time in Lebanon so much..

Here is a photo of the hotel,,we stayed on the top floor in one of the suites, which boasted one of the biggest balconies I’ve ever seen!  There is nothing quite like looking out at the Mediterranean Sea from your balcony..’s amazing..the ocean’s capacity to instantly calm your soul..

Hotel Canari de Byblos

Heeding their recommendations, we headed down to The Old City and The Old Souk..but not before passing some ancient ruins..

Ruins in Byblos

The Old Souk reminded me of my time in the Granada, a city in the south of Spain..with its cobbled stone streets lined with vendors selling anything from fake Dior sunglasses to 100 million year old fossils (insert cheesy narrator voice here)..but is something to see..

Vendor at The Old Souk

The Old Souk

Can't remember when was the last time I saw a Gramophone!



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4 responses to “Byblos Part 1

  1. Mike

    You feel home in Canari De Byblos Hotel, the owner are really friendly, professional. If I had any questions about nearby attractions, they were quick to provide answers.

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  4. KinB

    it’s too sad about not every citizens can get in Lebanon . I have been tried to applied for a tourist visa but in my country have no Embassy of Lebanon even in Lebanon also have no Embassy of my country!. I have been tried my best to searched in internet and sent an email to the government asked about “How to get it and how to get in Lebanon ?” but hopeless

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