Byblos Part 2

After strolling through The Old Souk, we arrived at The Byblos Port..The view of the Mediterranean from the port was absolutely breathtaking..

I managed to get a couple of nice shots of the port with The Old City in the background..I think I’m getting better at this!

Byblos port

Byblos port

The picturesque view made up for the rather mediocre food at La Cafe du Port, a restaurant bold enough to have adopted the tagline, “Saint-Tropez a Byblos.”

"Saint Tropez a Byblos.." riiiight.

The food at La Cafe du Port

After lunch, we took a different route back to the hotel..which led us to a portion of The Old City known for its was then I remembered that one of the owners of Hotel Canari de Byblos had told me about this area..and how it is a common tradition for people to go visit the seven churches (all in one day) on the Thursday before Good Friday..Seven chuches, in one day?  Maaaaann.  They’ve got me beat.

We were looking out over one of the churches from the street above, when I spotted a Boyscout troup in the middle of a badge ceremony..

Boy-scouts in Lebanon

Do you get more badges for being a boy-scout in the oldest inhabited city in the world?  I should think so.


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  1. I shouldn’t be surprizing so hard at that.

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