Souk el Tayeb

I finally woke up on time to go to Souk el Tayeb this weekend!  Go me!   A fellow blogger Joesbox, gave me the idea when he wrote this post

Souk el Tayeb is Lebanon’s first farmers market.  The market brings together farmers and activists in support of organic agriculture, the maintenance of culinary traditions, and the perpetuation of mutal respect and concern for the Earth and our environment. 

My friends and I walked from stall to stall, taking samples of everything! ..I came away with straweberry jam, Cedar honey, labneh and zaatar, and a freshly squeezed lemonade..

Here are some glimpses of Souk el Tayeb.  For more details on the market, check out their website here.

Souk el Tayeb - the first farmers market in Lebanon

Organic goodness..


Woman making manouche

The freshest honey you will ever get..



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3 responses to “Souk el Tayeb

  1. Hey!

    Could you explain what exactly Cedar Honey is and how it tastes?



  2. yourboyblue

    Loved this post! When I read Joe’s post on it I instantly thought “Why isn’t this on This Is Beirut?”. So glad you went!
    Also, you know I’m your biggest fan because I pause mid-workout to read your blog! I think I need help…

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