Mayrig and Basement

You hhaaaavee to go to Mayrig restaurant in Gemmazye..

Armenian food at its finesttt..

I would talk about the dishes individually if I knew what they were called..but its just one of those places where EVERYTHING  is good..

You gotta go, check out their website by clicking here.

I went there before heading out to Basement last weekend..umm not exactly the best idea as I was feeling like a beached whale..but since I’ve never been to either place..I decided,,what the hell..I’ll give it a go!

Whooooaaa..what a venue!!  It’s a shame that the music is deep, dark house..I’m sure it has a proper name jungle, progressive…I don’t know ..anyway, I was excited to go there to, as I heard that it is one of the few places were people actually dance..I miss dancing..

but mannn…just wasn’t feeling the music yo. are some photos of Mayrig..I’m slowly learning that pictures never do food justice!

Mayrig Armenian Restaurant

Mayrig Armenian Restaurant

This little lamb and cranberry thing was the bomb real.

Armenian desert..and what Lebanese make when women give birth..

Can you imagine eating all of this and THEN going out?!


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2 responses to “Mayrig and Basement

  1. You HAVE to go to Varouj
    If you’re a fan of the soup nazi you’re going to love it

  2. Armo Boy

    If you can post the pictures with a higher quality I might give you full details of the food with their recepies and their history

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