TSC Signature!!!

This was the only photo I was able to catch inside TSC Signature in downtown this afternoon..yes I know its of Essie nail salon..but really a nail salon in a supermarket?  Only in Leb.,,I promise some better ones tmrw..I just have to be stealth about it so no one catches me!

MAJOR PROPS to the people behind TSC Signature.

The gourmet food..the gourmet food..the gourmet fooooood..the presentation, the packaging..just THE EVERYTHING is done to perfection,..rivaling some of the best gourmet supermarkets I’ve ever seen!

I could get lost in there for approximately 3.5 weeks.

And they have an ESSIE SALON!  Looks like I won’t have hobbit’s feet anymore. Yesssss!

Going there for lunch tmrw..will post more photos then..

Bravo. Bravo..

Essie Nail Salon in TSC signature



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2 responses to “TSC Signature!!!

  1. I visited this supermarket after my colleague went on about how wonderful it was. I am impressed, but was shocked at how expensive it was. Everything is imported- there is hardly any local produce. They sell imported tomatoes for 34,000 a kilo for Christ’s sake!

  2. christelle

    i saw that essis nail bar i loved it do u have their number did u get the card or did u post it on ur site plz if yes email it to me thx:)

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