Universal Snack

Or Universal Crap?

I know, I know..this place has been around foreeeever..

Without fail, every time we pass it someone turns to me and says, “My Dad and his friends used to eat here!”

..but still..that’t no excuse for bad food and poor service..or is it?

I went there with some friends, curious to see what the hype was all about..and decided to go for the veggie burger..

Instead..I got an egg sandwich with a hair in it..

I called the waitress to show her the hair..She looked at me, then looked at the hair,,and took it back without so much as an apology..AND..Within seconds, all of the chefs came out of the kitchen and looked in my direction.  EMBARRASSING!  Needless to say, I didn’t order anything else..who knows what I would have found..

Just cause this place is like an institution..I really hope it gets better 😀

Universal Snack..



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2 responses to “Universal Snack

  1. yourboyblue

    You should try Maroush. The chicken with garlic sandwich. Toasted. Mmmmmmm.
    Best five bucks you’ll ever spend.

  2. sam

    i love this place and i have been eating there forever….
    we always eat beefburgers with fresh salads….. they probably have the best escalopes in town….
    too bad u had this insidence ,i’m sure u can’t blame the chefs because they all wear on there heads and u can clearly see it…
    universal sells best quality and thats why its been there forever.

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