Beit Beirut

Recently a lot of people have been voicing their concerns over the demolition of historic buildings in Beirut..but there are some, albeit few, instances where steps are being taken to preserve Beirut’s cultural and architectural heritage..Namely the transformation of Maison Jaune, or The Yellow House, into Beit Beirut – a museum and urban cultural center..

“Maison Jaune” (The Yellow House) credit: Beit Beirut FB fan page

“Maison Jaune” (The Yellow House) credit Beit Beirut FB fan page

According to Beit Beirut’s facebook page,

A unique architectural landmark in the heart of Sodeco, Maison Jaune will undergo a full restoration through a combination of heritage conservation, contemporary architecture, and technological innovation. This symbolic site was chosen by the Municipality of Beirut to become a unique cultural and architectural landmark.   Dedicated to the history of Beirut, Beit Beirut will allow Lebanese people along with tourists to discover the city through its various (permanent and temporary) activities and exhibitions.

Beit Beirut will also serve as an urban observatory which stresses the importance of preserving Beirut’s cultural identity and architectural heritage.  The Yellow House, a living testimony to Beirut’s war torn past, will house a museum dedicated to furthering the understanding of Lebanese history.

Beit Beirut - photo credit iSoura

The Plans..from Maison Jaune to Beit credit Beit Beirut FB fan page

All material from this post was taken from Beit Beirut’s facebook fan the cause!  Click here.

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