De-motivational Gym Posters..

My gym has posters hanging up everywhere of people pretending to exercise, and they all happen to be in Champion athletic apparel..which would make sense, except my gym doesn’t sell any clothing!!

..Maybe they got the posters for free?  And thought it would be cool to just post them EVERYWHERE?

Anyhow, the women are oftentimes pictures in full make up..looking rather..relaxed and nonchalant.  I mean, at least picture them doing some sort of strenuous activity and not looking so damn flawless!!


Check out her lashes..and those eyebrows that seem to go on forever!!  yikes!

"My pedicure is sooo fabulous!"



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2 responses to “De-motivational Gym Posters..

  1. yourboyblue

    You should check out my old gym. Girls used to go to the salon and get their hair done. Why? Because they were going to the gym!!!
    Arabs… we used to lead the world in science you know! We discovered the circulatory system! Invented the zero! ALGEBRA!!!!

  2. meinlebanon are too funny..

    But why though? Where did this obsession come from? It’s the bloody gym! If there is one time ur allowed to look like a mess in public, its at the gym! No?

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