Taxi drivers strike over high gas prices..

So this is why I had a hard time finding a taxi this morning..I was wondering how taxi drivers do it..with the price of gas and the cost of life being what it is in Beirut..ridiculously HIGH.

There needs to be reform.. and soon.  Taxi drivers are suffering…

There is such an unequal distribution of wealth in Lebanon it’s crazy..such blatant waste and excess in the face of such obvious suffering..If the country can afford to rebuild their entire downtown area, I think they can afford to raise the wage rate of taxi drivers..

It’s just pitiful is what it is..

BEIRUT: Taxi drivers will strike Monday to protest the rising prices of gasoline, announced the Taxi Drivers and Transport Agencies Union, during the founding meeting of the Lebanese Driving Schools Union. The group met Sunday to discuss amending current traffic laws and stressed the need to pursue the strike scheduled for Monday as all taxi drivers of all political affiliations were suffering from high gasoline prices. Meeting participants agreed the current law not only needed to be amended but, most importantly, implemented. –The Daily Star


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3 responses to “Taxi drivers strike over high gas prices..

  1. I never understood why our gasoline price is so high anyway, we’re still part of the Arab world and yet nothing’s helping. good post.

    • meinlebanon

      Well I asked around yesterday and the prevailing reason gas prices are so high is that petrol is heavily taxed by the government. This is because the government has few reliable means of collecting taxes, and with petrol, they can apply the tax immediately..

      Instead of taxing petrol, how about they tax cigarrettes, alochol, and other luxury items? Although the whole country might protest as a result! lol But really, whats more important?

  2. Youssef Chaker

    I was going to let it slide, and move on. i clicked on the link for the next post then had to immediately come back.

    this statement “If the country can afford to rebuild their entire downtown area, I think they can afford to raise the wage rate of taxi drivers” is not necessarily true in the sense that the country could not, and still cannot, afford the rebuilding of the downtown area. I won’t go into a tirade aboutit i don’t want to get in a bad mood! but i just wanted to point that out 🙂

    another note, one driver once told me that he makes more money driving a service than he would at a job in the field he went to college for! I didn’t believe him so he gave me the numbers. this country has a serious problem when it comes to valuing people’s work.

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