Fake boobs, snoring men, and hair plucking

Yup..these can all be found at Sporting beach club…on a Saturday at around..lets say.. 2:00pm.

First and foremost..WHY ARE THERE NO DECENT PUBLIC BEACHES IN LEBANON?  A day tanning shouldn’t end up costing $100.  Maybe my friends and I are ignorant..but I’ve been told that if you want to wear a bikini to tan, it is not advisable that you go to a public beach..as: 1. you will be stared at and 2.  it might be offensive to the other people there..

Which leaves no other choice that to go to a beach club (unless you are an uber pimp and happen to have access to a roof top pool), where you pay a ridiculous entry fee like 22,000 each.. and then… after a few beers and a basic lunch,,find yourself hit with a bill for 100,000!!

..I miss the days in Miami and Trinidad where I could pack up a couple of snacks and a few drinks,,drive out to the beach..and enjoy the sun..for FREE.

I understand the appeal of beach clubs like Riviera and Oceana..I’m from Miami after all…but what about those of us who don’t want to pay an entrance fee to stare at other people’s plastic surgery, manis and pedis, and diamond encrusted bikinis?!?

Well I weighed the options, and seeing how I hadn’t been in the sun since I left Miami (December 29th) and how I was beginning to closely resemble Casper the flippin’ ghost..I decided to pay for something that should be FREE.  The sun…

I enjoy Sporting..I really do..but it was my first time going there for the sun and not for the food..We showed up at around 2:00pm, got a couple of chairs..and I tried to relax..not the easiest thing to do when the other people with me insisted on engaging in a running commentary about every man, woman, and child in the place..

“Did you see her plastic surgery?”

“Look at her bikini, I think you should get one like that!”

“Did you hear how that kid spoke to his Dad?  How ruuuude!”

“I wish I was in as good of shape as that guy..”

“Girl, you reeeeally need a pedicure!”

And get this..these were men making these comments!!..I sat there..in between these two babbling men..taking this all in..when..I could take it no longer..(the pedicure comment did me over I think!)

“Can you two just shut up and enjoy the company your with and stop staring at everyone and their mother!” I said.

To which they replied, “We are Lebanese..that’s what we do!”

Ughhhhh!!  So I decided to sit up just in time to catch a woman to my right..plucking her chin hairs..and a man, to my left..full on snoring, his massive hairy stomach rising and falling with each breath..

“Oh that just made my day,” I thought..”Am I seriously paying for this!”

All in all, I had a good day..I guess.

..I no longer look like Casper the ghost..

But seriously, does anyone know of a good public beach that I can go to!?!?!?



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11 responses to “Fake boobs, snoring men, and hair plucking

  1. yourboyblue

    Diamond encrusted? Really?

  2. Public spaces in the middle east are usually, bleh…

    Same issue goes in Amman, the public dead sea beach… you are not allowed to drink on beach, people stare at you and jump in their pjs, hijabs… etc

    Then you go to O Beach or Movenpick, enjoy an amazing view, party people and all but you end up paying too much for it.

  3. Well if you feel like doing a day trip on the weekend… I would go to the North of Lebanon..(Beirut is ridiculously expensive). The North is more chill and relaxing and cheap!

    On the Chekka shore (Shat el herri) there are many many nice beaches to choose from. There is a public beach (though I would not recommend it) but there are private beaches that are REALLY REALLY REALLY cheap

    See here: http://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&source=s_q&hl=en&geocode=&q=a+herri,+lebanon&sll=34.2775,35.721111&sspn=0.025462,0.038581&gl=us&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=A+Herri,+Batroun,+North,+Lebanon&z=14

    It’s a slightly different crowd from the Beirut crowd but no one will gawk at you because you’re wearing a bikini or anything ridiculous like that


    • meinlebanon

      I will definitely check it out! Thanks for the recommendation..some of my friends also told me that the public beaches in Jbeil are better to go to than the ones in Beirut..

      I will let you know how it goes.

      Thanks again!

  4. Up until the 28th of April, Edde Sands will be for free. Mmm tomorow is the 28th so I guess you still have only one day. I took advantage of this and went regulary without having to pay a penny! I even brought my own drinks with me!
    In you face Edde Sands!

    • meinlebanon

      No way! It was free all this time? I can’t believe I missed that! Wish I could take the day off to take advantage of the last day. Was in Byblos not too long ago,,had I known, I would have gone..

      Brought your own drinks..haha

  5. Ah by the way, I am from Chekka so I’ll have to agree with La Zaytouni, we do have great Sandy beaches, but wouldn’t recommend the public beaches.
    you can go to “White Beach” in Kfarabida near Batroun, great beach and good crowd, and you only have to pay around 3000L.L for the price of the parasol and the chaise long. But its pebbles not sandy, but gives the water more freshness…

    • meinlebanon

      Thanks for the recommendations..I’m heading there on Saturday..will let you know how it goes..

      Thanks homieeess!

  6. Dima

    Try the Palm Village or whateva hotel right next to the Vendome Hotel here on Ain el mreisseh in Beirut. all the hip kids go there..theres a bar at the top that USED to be SKYBAr..is nowi think called BUBBLES.. back in the day it was FREE entrance..to hang out at the pool..u can drink and eat too.. i think they expect u too..we usually do so i dunno.. LOL . the pool is kinda wack and tiny.. theyve got 2 jacuzzis as well.

    I couldnt agree more tho. the sun and the sea should be for free.. i miss public beaches 😦 but yeah in the M.E not all public beaches are comfortable..

    there is also a ladies beach btw just across from the vendome hotel.. which was cheap..like 10 thou entrance… blah…

  7. you should go to the public beach in Tyre. There are huts and you just choose one and then pay for lunch, which is good. And its clean!

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