TSC Signature part 2

Told you I’d be back..went there to buy some healthy snacks for work..its bikiniiiiiiiiii season..Diet must follow suit..

This place continues to amaze me..

Lunch anyone?!

Make sure to eat your veggies!


The coolest grocery cart..like EVER.

Kegs have never been so cuteee!



Filed under eating in Lebanon, life in Lebanon

3 responses to “TSC Signature part 2

  1. Mom

    Wow … the produce looks so fresh and it’s beautifully displayed … very appealing. And the shopping cart is super cool.

  2. I went there last week – an amazing shop. They even have a section for locally produced food.

    Plus they have 3-4 areas where you can sit and eat e.g. a Sushi area, ‘world food’, Lebanese food, etc.

    I did a food tour of Lebanon last week – such a great place!

  3. The best place is stop&shop in Adonis. They should open in Beirut.

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