What flag are YOU holding?

Someone asked me that today..

I was like, “What? What do you mean??..”

To which he replied, “Which team are you rooting for in the World Cup? You have to buy their flag!  Haven’t you seen people with flags on their cars and balconies?  If not, you will soon..Every store will be selling flags..its quite a site!”

Ummm..I don’t even know what teams are in the world cup, but that’s besides the point..right?  I think I may just follow every other Lebanese person and say I’m with Brazil..Brazil is always in the world cup right?

About that.. Where did the Lebanese obsession with all things BRAZILIAN come from anyway?

Well, I decided to do some research about the whole flag phenomenon..and found these photos, dating from 2006, courtesy of Ya Liban.

World Cup flags for sale!

World cup flag neutrality!

Brazil supporters in Downtown 2006

And this is my favorite!

Now that is just hilariouuuus!

So, what flag are YOU holding?



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7 responses to “What flag are YOU holding?

  1. No, not all Lebanese people support Brazil soccer team !!!!!

    Go Germany Go….

  2. What a coincidence, I wrote about this topic last midnight, but if you like to share, I actually have fresh photos I took during last week, photos of the flags of course 🙂



  3. Nat

    You won’t be able to miss the flags next month..

    And def Germany 😉

  4. yeah wait till you here the question: “enta elmaneh?”. I.E. “Are you German?”.

    Regardless of the specific content of the post (noting that I am with Germany too, Nat we actually can agree on something (: ), it’s so peculiarly funny how you’re observing this with this curiosity of yours. I guess we’re really interesting individuals to observe and/or to analyze.

    Watch the glassy doors btw, I’m coming back.

  5. Dima

    BLEU BLANC ROUGE.. thats how we do in my household!!!!! but usually people would or should go with a country they feel a connection with. Lebanon or most Arab countries are rarely in the World Cup.. hence the diverted ajnabee favorite. but at least with me.. France is home.. 🙂 plus they’ve got Thierry Henry 😉

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  7. Fahrenheit

    Since I travel around the Gulf region, I kinda noticed this craze to happen only in Lebanon.. How silly can ppl be holding and queue’ing under flags of countries they have never visited and know nothing about!?
    ANA ITALY or GERMANY or whatever?!?! WTF? what links you to that country? and suddently they become more fanatic than the italians themselves!!

    anyhow, whatever, Lebs have their own mindsets..
    I am sure some fights are going to breakout soon between an ITALY and ALMANY! or the rest…

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