Subtitle Overload..

I’m beginning to get acclimated to Lebanon!  I remember the first time I went to the movies at Grand Concorde and was shocked to see both French and Arabic subtitles..

Went to the movies last night..and was able to actually concentrate on the movie, and not on the three or four lines of subtitles taking up quite a significant portion of the screen.. decided to take a picture for all of my homies back home..

Talk about subtitle overload!

Arabic and French subtitles at the movies..


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5 responses to “Subtitle Overload..

  1. The beauty of Lebanon, you can always find yourself home

  2. meinlebanon

    I agree! I think its great that they make the American/English language movies available to those who speak the languages native to Lebanon.. 🙂 Wish I spoke French and Arabic too!

    One day, one day.

  3. haissam

    woah , i mean I’ve saw a lot of movies when i was back in lebanon , but the subtitles were ok , this one on the other hand seems to be centered , and they seriously need to make it smaller lol 😀

  4. meinlebanon

    For reallllll…!! I think they may be trying to make a point.. 😉

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