WOK it.

I know I talk about food a lot..

But hell, I like to eat!

Gotta give it up for WOK on Bliss street..Amaaazzing Asian food..

Try the rice, chicken, cashews, and green curry sause.

The bombdiggity..And their packaging is wicked too!

Maybe not the cheapest option on Bliss street..but well worth the extra money when you’ve had your fair share of ZWZ and University Sage!

Wok Bliss Street

Wok's 3 steps: 1. Pick your starch 2. Pick your ingredients 3. Pick your sauce

The pimp packaging.

Eat it! Eat it! Eat it! Seriously, amazing food..and filling too!


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5 responses to “WOK it.

  1. Dang. I was just telling Anateboteo this weekend that I had (and still have) a craving for Chinese. Think I might order me some tonight.

  2. hey where did my comment go??

  3. Patrick

    Thats a very similar concept to Mezzo diPasta, looks interesting.

  4. meinlebanon

    Where is Mezzo diPasta?

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