I’m a Hypocrite. There. I said it!

Ok, so I’m a hypocrite..last week I was complaining about how going to beach clubs in Lebanon are soooo expensive..and what do I do this weekend?  Go to AN EVEN MORE expensive and pretentious place: Riviera Beach Lounge.

Hey, I’m not perfect..

But I had friends in town..and they insisted..so I had no choice but to follow.. 😉

And this time, I’m glad I did..

aaaaaaaaaaand….I HAD A GREAT TIME!!  But this is deff not something that you can do every weekend…

You may want to, but if you are living off of a Lebo salary, it’s just not possible.

Summer has started!  And with it..the beach parties, the bikinis, the big sunglasses, and the ever present oiled up loser, dancing in the shallow end of the pool, point to the crowd, nodding his head, and dancing to a beat that only he himself hears!!

Here is a glimpse of Riviera Beach Club..excuse me..Riviera Beach LOUNGE!  How bougies!

Riviera Beach Lounge

Someone needs to tell the dudes at Riviera Beach LOUNGE..that at no point in time should they don superr short swimming trunks with little patterns on themm…even if they cost $150.

Oh..and as if lower back tattoos on women aren’t bad enough..men with lower back tattoos (ie. tramp stamps)..are…absolutely..just WRONG.

Riviera Beach Lounge

I have to give it up to Riviera..you reminded me of some of the nicest places in Miami (just with a bit less silicon and high heels(surprisingly))..and I can’t wait to check out your club “Island”..it looks SICKKK!  And the private jacuzzi cabanas..love the concept!

Miami could learn from you..

Loungin' in a cabanaaaa..

I ordered a mojito (quintessential Miami)..and was handed this straw below!

“What the hell is this?” I asked my friend..

To which he replied..”This is so when you’re tanning..you don’t have to lift up your glass to take a sip of your drink every time you get thirsty..”

Now that, ladies and gentlemen..is the height of laziness!   Might as well give me a mojito IV drip while ur at it.

Drinking problem anyone? Longest straw ever.

Hotel Riviera Beirut

To enter and exit Riviera you have to pass through this tunnel of sorts, lined with adss by the most luxurious brands in the region..Bravo..amazing idea and excellent ad placement!

And Advertiser's dream..

So yeah..off to a cheaper beach this weekend!!  That’s for sure!



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5 responses to “I’m a Hypocrite. There. I said it!

  1. youfriend

    fantastic post…
    if only there was a half way decent DJ there, it would have been the best MATINEE…
    mmmmmm… if only someone would actually set up something like that.

  2. amazing, just wait till u see the beach huts of “Orchid”. don’t we all like fanciness and comfort? Good you admitted, Hypocrite! (:

  3. Mmmmm, you opted for Riviera instead of the cheap old White Beach!!!!
    Well, cannot blame you 😉

  4. Lee

    out of curiosity, how did the whole day cost??

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