How do you take your..NESCAFE?

I never thought I would drink, much less enjoy instant coffee..My only experience with Nescafe being when I would spend summers with my grandparents in Trinidad, and every morning, without fail..they would wake up to their Nescafe..

So naturally, I associated instant coffee, or Nescafe, with old people in Trinidad..solid reasoning I say.

My personal coffee addiction began one day about two years ago when my Mom introduced Nespresso to me.  I was hooked.  From that day forward, I would average about four espressos a day..

..I didn’t know how I would be able to manage without it when I moved to Lebanon.  I even considered buying a Nespresso machine from the Nespresso store in ABC so that I could take it where ever I go.  Apparently they make portable machines for hopeless addicts like me!

One day, my friends introduced me to Nescafe..

Every once in a while, a brand becomes so synonymous with the product it self…that the brand name usurps the actual product name.  It’s every marketer’s dream.

That’s the case with Nescafe in Lebanon.  It’s no longer, “Would you like coffee?”..but “Would you like a Nescafe?”  Nescafe seriously has a cult-like following here.

The first time someone asked me if I wanted a Nescafe, I responded..

“Ummm I don’t do instant coffee, I only drink espresso.”

They ignored my comment, and made me one anyway…

and I loved it!  Until I found out they were putting three heaping piles of sugar into every single cup!!  Who wouldn’t love that?!?

“Are  you insane!  Do you know how many calories are in this!” I would say..

All this to say, I’ve made the switch to Nescafe..but I only put one heaping pile of sugar instead of three..And I’m now averaging a double espresso every other day..

I think I’m making progress..

How do you take your NESCAFE?

Below are some Nescafe Ads from Lebanon..

They even post Nescafe Ads on historic buildings like Maison Jaune!  Crazy.


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10 responses to “How do you take your..NESCAFE?

  1. Douja

    This is so true, its synanmous with life in Lebanon. Everyone drinks it there, but you have to admit its good !! 🙂

  2. Tara

    Blerg. Nescafe blows. The only reason that it has attracted the following it has, is because the vat taxes on everything make a proper coffee maker prohibitively expensive. I’ve been in love with my french press lately, and in Jordan, I had a pretty intense love affair with my old fashioned percolator and hand held milk frother.

  3. yourboyblue

    Nescafe. 3 in 1. Strong. Awesome. ‘Nuff said

  4. I used to love drinking Nescafe, my favorite recipe for a cup is: 2 small spoons Nescafe, 2 small spoons coffee-mate and 1 small spoon sugar. Yeah, it has to be Nescafe Gold.
    As for a sugar rush from a Nescafe, you should try Abou Naji (Epi D’or) facing the AUB main gate. They use concentrated milk!
    Recently, I have upgraded to Espresso-based drinks. Bought myself a Lavazza Blue machine, and I simply cannot live without it!

  5. I need to buy myself one of those machines too! I still prefer my espresssssso!

  6. zingir

    Yes Nescafe made it in Lebanon, but also in most of the Middle East. Its synonymous of status when you offer Nescafe, within the mass. Have you not discovered the other coffees of Lebanon ? Keep searching for real Lebanese coffee….!

  7. yourfriend

    cafe super braziiiil !!! atyab ahwe!!!

  8. Did anyone interested to buy Nescafe 3 in 1 with bonus plastic food container?? LIMITED EDITION
    Please kindly contact us at
    Thanks ^__^

  9. rima

    I drink nescafe decaf for i am kinda sensitive to caffeine 😦 it makes me feel jittery.But 1 cup of decaf nescafe is not bad and doesnt have the same effect for me as the standard nescafe cup.Just 1 cup or mug.Not more,not even 1 and a half.So I drink it everyday in the morning,if I go to a friend’s place I tell them to make me juice or cafe blanc or just nothing,but never a coffee.
    Though i like the nescafe brand,am willing to switch for something else,because there is no info about the quantity of caffeine their decaf product contains;they forget us,decaff drinkers.And I was told it was made in the arab countries,so it was kinda different from the real authentic product.

  10. sergio

    hi. sorry but im not finding the mocha nescafe in anyplace so just wanna ask where to find.

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