Evicted, after 22 years.

This is what happens when people stop reading.  Book stores that have been around for 22 years go out of business.  Like Malik’s in Hamra..

Malik Bookstore Hamra

The sign reads, “We’d like you to share the good, the bad, the funny and the sad with us.  Write it on our memory board inside.  Thanking your support.”



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4 responses to “Evicted, after 22 years.

  1. evicted means they’re getting kicked out, i dont think its because they’re not paying rent.

  2. meinlebanon

    ahhh..perhaps you’re right! Whenever I see the word “evicted” I automatically associate it with people who can’t pay their rent. Do you know why Malik’s is being evicted??

    Thanks for the correction.. 🙂

  3. Riham

    I heard all the stores there are getting evicted, including abu naji. something about a bank opening in their place. I am not sure if this is accurate though.

  4. NOWAY!!! Oh my lord, I have been gone too long in London.

    I am sad. I don’t want Bliss Street to change. I love it the way it is. Although change is the only constant especially in an urban setting.

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