A Red Cross checkpoint..

Ever been through a Red Cross check point? I have.

My friends and I went through this particular one on the way back to Beirut from Batroun..I don’t mind people asking for donations when cars are at a stop light, but to stop traffic in the middle of the highway to ask for donations?

Now that’s something.

Red Cross Lebanon

Give us yo money!



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4 responses to “A Red Cross checkpoint..

  1. fadi

    So what was it purpose?

  2. Douja

    You basically give money to the red cross workers, it benefits the red cross in someway. Whether towards supplies, workers, drives, etc..

  3. meinlebanon

    Exactly….I had just never seen it done like this before..where they stop traffic, and kind of force people to donate..

  4. jim

    this is like little league baseball players and pop warner foot ball players do in America. They stop traffic and walk you to your car begging for money. Homeless people are even worse.

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