Pierre and friends..

Went to Batroun for the first time this weekend..first to a friend’s chalet, and then to Pierre and Friends..

I love how people speak of their “chalets” like they are something truly out of this world..

“Ohh my chalet in the mountains..”

“Ohh my chalet in Batroun..”

People who don’t speak a word of French, some how know the word “chalet,” and exactly when to use it!..

The first time I heard the word “chalet“, the image of a very expensive open-aired bungalow, equipped with surround sound speakers, playing the latest tracks from Cafe del Mar, immediately came to mind..Not to say they don’t exist..but correct me if I’m wrong, the majority of  “chalets” (or herdsman hut in the Swiss Alps, according to dictionary.com) are just small apartments located somewhere other than where the owner lives.

So why not just say, “yeah I’m going to my place/apartment in Batroun for the weekend..”  I know, I know..I’m asking too much..


Pierre and Friends is exactly what I’ve been looking for..a relaxing “pub, restaurant, and sailing club” where you can enjoy a day of sun with your friends.  Free from the pretentiousness of places like Riviera Beach Lounge, Pierre and Friends is the perfect weekend escape…and get this, it’s free entry too!

I was sitting at the bar, sipping on an Almaza, staring out at the vast expanse of nothingness that is the Mediterranean Sea..when it occurred to me that I didn’t miss anything about Miami..not one single thing.

“Should I feel guilty for not missing anything about the place I called home up until five months ago?”

The answer quickly came to me: NOPE!

Pierre and Friends Batroun

Pierre and Friends...

I’ve never seen any beach quite like it..I’m not even sure if it qualifies as a beach, as there is no sand..only pebbles..well more like rocks actually..

Below is a photo that I took from the stairs above Pierre’s.

Pierre and Friends Batroun

Pierre and friends top view

Pierre and Friends Batroun

The bar

Pierre and Friends Batroun

Water sports at Pierre and Friends

Pierre and Friends Batroun

The Scene..

I haven’t had enough of you Pierre..make some time for me next weekend..

Kisses. XOXO.


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7 responses to “Pierre and friends..

  1. Panini

    dear you have to slow down and stop bla bla, change the font and teh display of your blog and put nice pictures please

  2. Mark from Australia

    This place is absolutely awesome at night! We went there on a Tuesday night and it was packed out!

    • El niño de El Líbano

      Even more enjoyable if starting with a late lunch, having a bottle of vin rosé watching the sunset, and staying till late night

  3. BeirutFTW

    Dude thank you soo much for writing this post,
    i went there back in 2005, and today i was “trying to” describe the place to a friend of mine.. I obviously failed and googled “pierre lebanon windsurf beirut” and i found this lovely blog entry!

  4. Tony Abi Rashid

    Nice looking place cousin, it is a lovely place. i am your cousin Tony from sydney. Hoping some day will meet in there for a a cup of beer.

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