Bon jus!! Correction: Top Jus!

Lebanese childhood

Bon jus..!!

Had my first Bon jus today!  For all my peeps in Miami, this is like Caprisun, or those little Mott’s juice boxes you used to get as a kid.. except these little Bon jus’s are like 20 cents, and they are a staple in every Lebanese childhood.  Apparently they haven’t changed the packaging in over 40 years!!

Ummm..cause I’m an idiot, I seriously spent five minutes trying to put the straw through the pineapple slice…

“What the hell?  How are kids supposed to do this?!?” I thought..


Then I found the arrow directing me to the spot where I’m supposed to insert the straw..

Nice one..

Correction, this is TOP JUS not Bon jus like I thought…oops!  Thanks for the correction!


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7 responses to “Bon jus!! Correction: Top Jus!

  1. Fadi Sabbagha

    It looks like a Bonjus, yet it’s a Top Juice, another brand…

  2. antonio elmokdsi

    hey first let me start by saying, loving the blog, i miss lebanon so much and this is like a piece of home, i saw ur post about the “nigro head” hahah i could stop laughing, i never thought about it, here in sydney i have to drive for 80min just so i can get bonjuice and “nigro head”
    keep up the good work, keep the posts coming, and screw the haters, i actually like the way it looks. white make the blog focus on its content not the design… (and this coming from a designer)

    ps: ur making me want to make my own blog…

  3. kally

    my friend is lebanese and has visited family in lebanon many times. she looooves this stuff and her birthday is coming soon so i really want to get her some. Does anyone know where i can get it? respond soon pleasee 🙂

  4. @Kally: Try a local Lebanese supermarket and/or Arab supermarket… usually they have Lebanese products and this could be found. Good luck!

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