Malik el Batata, closed?!

Hasn’t “The King of Fries” been around for like EVER??

What the hell is Bibos??

Hamra Beirut Lebanon



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5 responses to “Malik el Batata, closed?!

  1. yiiiiiiii…since when?? this is too bad 😦
    he had the yummiest baked potato sandwich with cheese ever!!

  2. ZiadS

    Well a guy took its it’s better,we ate two days ago and it was better than it was before.
    Same potatoes and better sandwiches

  3. Sam

    A friend of mine bought this place, his name is Bahaa. The previous owner was too old to run Malek el Batata so he decided to sell it for a reasonable amount and retire. Bibo’s serves better quality food,with the same prices while also still preserving the famous batata sandwich that the old place offered.
    You should check it out..when you go tell him Sami sent you, he’ll give you a good price.
    Don’t you just love living here!

  4. And Malik el Batata closed down?! LOL where the hell have I been?!

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