Amethyste Lounge

I’ve been hearing so much about “Summer in Lebanon” since I landed here in December.


To kick off the season, Amethyste Lounge at the Phoenicia Hotel opened its doors last Thursday, and I was lucky enough to be able to attend the launch party. I was surprised, yet again, at the elegance and sophistication of Beirut night life.  Part oriental Lebanese, part Miami Beach pool lounge, Amethyste lounge promises to be the venue of choice for those wishing to celebrate the finer things in life.

Sky View of Amethyste Lebanon

Sky view of Amethyste Lounge at Phoenicia Hotel

The 12 hour soiree brought together hotel guests, media, and the Lebanese glitterati, who swayed their hips and hand-crafted cocktails to the beats of DJ Jose Padilla, of Cafe Del Mar fame.

Grant Collins Mixologist at Amethyste

World Renowned Mixologist Grant Collins

Amethyste Lounge at The Phoenicia Hotel

Jose Padilla of Cafe Del Mar

All of this while the night’s entertainment, like something out of a Cirque du  Soleil show, captured the attention of the revellers.  Men and women on stilts roamed through the crowds, mermaids and mermen flaunted their dexterity, and sensuous, diamond encrusted acrobats floated in transparent bubbles along the pool.

It was something out of a dream.

Amethyste Lounge Beirut Lebanon

Mermaids and Mermen!

Amethyste Lounge Beirut Lebanon

The Entertainment!

Amethyste Lounge Beirut Lebanon


As the night winded down, my friends and I relaxed on the swaying lounge beds and toasted to the fabulous Lebanese summer that lie ahead.


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12 responses to “Amethyste Lounge

  1. carlos

    Nice blog ( This is Beirut) in my opinion this party is so “Bling Bling “! some Lebanese enjoy it! not my style at all, keep the great work.

  2. Another Spectacular concept at this fantastic hotel where I still keep my heart, any way I know that these people really know what it takes. Mabrouk and see you there!!

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  4. Haitham Daou

    Best Place, Best food and BEST DRINKS

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  8. Greetings from Amethyste!

    This is a very nice post. We are glad you like our Lounge.
    More events to come.
    Hope to see you there !

  9. Nekatron71

    Awesome! I am particularly interested in the mermaids/mermen…how did they do those acrobatics in those tails?

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