Plush it Baby, Plush it Good.

So..I was walking in Hamra, when I noticed that literally..after every few feet.. there are yellow signs advertising a new Lebanese blog.  Yellow being my favorite color and all, I decided to snap this shot so I could remember the address later..

The poster reminded me of Ivy’s poster encouraging single Lebanese ladies to “make their move” on Valentines day..

Beirut in Fashion

Make your move!

Anyway, I decided to check out the blog, almost positive that it was yet another superficial blog about being fashionably fabulous..and was pleasantly surprised when I read their “About Us” section:

We don’t dress up for the gym.  We don’t drive the most expensive cars.  We take public transportation.  We sit at the bar.  We don’t pop champagne.  We aren’t daddy’s super rich girls.  We shop from outlets and regular store…And no we don’t go on a sprees in London, Paris, New York..We are College Students.  We design our clothes, or try at least.  We love the arts.  We love to party.  We be PLUSHIN’ Beirut Town – Hail PLUSH*

This blog is about those effortlessly chic people we love to hate..those people who manage to throw together just about anything and make it work…but mostly, this blog is about being yourself.

Just wanted to give a shout out to Plush, and tell them I like their stuff..check out their blog by clicking here.

I mean, just check out their photos!

Beirut in Fashion

Happiness. True Happiness.

Keep on keeping on!


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3 responses to “Plush it Baby, Plush it Good.



  2. Ivy

    Hey you! Thanks for the shout out! Glad to see you still remember my posters! Keep on bloggin ur a rockstar! Bisoux IVY

  3. Hello,

    As a member of the Plush team, I would like to thank you for shedding light on our blog.

    I would also just like to let you know that Plush is now a website operating under:

    Thanks again!

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