Profile of a Waz Waz..

I can’t believe no one in Lebanon has entered a definition for WAZ WAZ in the Urban Dictionary!

Give me your best definition, leave it in the comments section!

My fellow Lebanese blogger, Plus 961 shared this post with me in relation to my query regarding the nature of Waz Waz behavior, as well as this very accurate picture below.   Sometimes a picture really does say a thousand words..


Waz Waz as defined by


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2 responses to “Profile of a Waz Waz..

  1. meinlebanon

    I asked some of my tweeps, and this what they had to say..

    @meinlebanon “wazwaz” is the slang word describing the act of being stupid and taking great pride into showing it to the people around you

    @meinlebanon ok that’s a big lol 🙂 can’t find a definition for waz waz in english but it is the “ew” style. Just in case it is clearer 😀

    @meinlebanon @footnem 1. thug hooligan hoodlum lout gangster rowdy rough roughneck ned scapegrace via (Google translate)

    @meinlebanon wazwaz=corny; someone trying to be cool, but ultimately very uncool indeed and often extremely embarrassing

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