Empty classrooms a week before finals at AUB!

I was at Flow in Hamra on Monday night when I overheard an AUB student urging another AUB student not to attend classes on Wednesday, in protest of the rise in tuition fees planned for fall semester of this year.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but from what I understood, there used to be this rule at AUB called the 12 credit rule.  And under this rule,  a student at AUB would pay the same tuition whether or not they took 12 credits (a full time course load), or 18 credits (an uber full time course load).

I sat there in amazement as I listed to conversation, having paid for every single credit I took in University..I then turned to the AUB students and said, “I understand how this could be upsetting, but you guys do understand that everywhere else in the world, you have to pay for every single credit you take at University, right?”

To which they replied to me, “Yeah, we know, but still!  There are millions of dollars in donations pouring into AUB from former AUB alumni and successful businesses.  Entire buildings and schools are named after these people to commemorate their donations.  So WHY do they need to increase our tuition rate, as if AUB isn’t expensive enough?  AUB can’t even tell us where our money will be going!”

They have a point.  At least when my university raised tuition fees, they gave us a very detailed justification.  It’s the least that AUB can do.

I had no idea that the protest would result in this (see below), a week before finals at AUB!

AUB Protests Beirut Lebanon

Empty classrooms at AUB..photo credit: Mind Soup blog http://www.moudz.blogspot.com

and this…

AUB Protests Beirut Lebanon

American University of Beirut is now American University of Bourgeoisie! photo credit: Farfahinne http://www.farfahinne.blogspot.com

Learn more about the tuition protest at AUB by visiting Mind Soup’s blog and Farfahinne’s blog.

AUB students are refusing to attend class until the tuition increase is revoked.  I wonder what this means for their final grades.

What is your opinion about the protests at AUB, do you think they’re justified?



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5 responses to “Empty classrooms a week before finals at AUB!

  1. LebExile

    of course they’re not justified in raising tuition. It’s expected that there are many students at AUB from wealthy families who could care less if tuition is increased, but then there are others who struggle to give their kids the best education they can afford, and unfortunately, they will suffer most with this rate hike.
    What about students who are not from wealthy families, and are paying their own way by taking a job and studying part time??

    Maybe AUB can espouse some of the American ideals of equality and fairness… its beginning to sound like the Lebanese University of Beirut more and more each day!

  2. Najla

    They are spoiled with the 12 or 18 credit system being the same cost. Also AUB has a ton of scholarship programs that friends and family became doctors out of and didn’t pay for more than a semester their entire education. So i think AUB has done Lebanon and it’s students good. Perhaps they can explain the reason for increase and where it’s being spent. That should be public info.

  3. A 25% increase is not tolerable in AUB. My university is known for its historical diversity and concept of equal chances.

    It will now unfortunately level to a very specific category of people when it used to unify people, make equal through an intense and beautiful educational system.

  4. Parisa

    25% ??? oh my God,
    it is not acceptable at all, however this policy in other American universities went right,,,
    however i am an Iranian Student,(iranian university)

  5. Youssef Chaker

    mmm… sorry to be the one who comments on a post to make a correction, but her it goes (don’t hate me :P)

    “I understand how this could be upsetting, but you guys do understand that everywhere else in the world, you have to pay for every single credit you take at University, right?” — not true at all. at UVA we had part time rates (which may depend on the number of credits you take), but as a full time student, it was a single rate not matter how many credits you took. The only differences were between in-state and out-of-state rates. I definitely was charged the same amount of money for the semester when i took 23 credits (yes, 23 credits in one semester, that’s what some had total in one year), as when i took 15 (15 was the minium for the E-school, 12 for the college of ‘arts and crafts’, that’s an inside joke :P).

    but back to the issue at hand. it was cheaper for me to get an education in one of the top universities in the states, than got to AUB. Yes, you heard right. Travelling all the way to the US and going to a university there was cheaper for me than attending college at AUB. That includes travel expenses, living expenses, etc. Keeping in mind that I would have lived with my parents, ate better and cheaper food, the whole nine yards.

    So… that’s just an idea on how expensive it is and why it’s a big deal.

    my 2 cents 🙂

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