Risking their lives to deliver Cheeseburgers..

Never thought it got worse than fast food drive through restaurants in the States..that is, until I came to Lebanon..where they have fast food delivery services!  Better not let any Americans get word of this, they will never leave their houses!

McDonalds in Lebanon

McDonalds DELIVERY service

 Below:  The result of a day spent risking your life to deliver Cheeseburgers, Fries, and Mcflurries..

McDonalds in Lebanon

Out cold.



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3 responses to “Risking their lives to deliver Cheeseburgers..

  1. Adventures of delivery boys in Beirut is definitely worth documenting! have you watched Shankaboot? http://www.shankaboot.com

  2. meinlebanon

    I haven’t, but I will now!

  3. Lipanantsi

    Interesting recent photos D. This kid and the American Dream pub are two of my current favorites. Life’s humble moments. Nice going!

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