I told you, Beirut IS like Miami!

So, I’m assuming that everyone knows about Anthony  Bourdain right?  You know, the really lanky dude who hosts “No Reservations” on the Travel Channel?  Well then..I’m also assuming that you know that he came to Lebanon in 2006 to do a piece for his show, only to have his trip cut short when the 2006 war broke out..

Well apparently he was here last week, (wish I would have known, I would have totally stalked him)..to give Lebanon a second go..

In an interview for Newsweek, Bourdain was asked how Lebanon compares to other countries he has been to..his reply was,

It’s an anomaly. I’m half-joking when I say it feels like Miami. Beirut is an international city. It’s on the beach. There is that sort of consumerism and flash and nightclub culture and food culture. So I think if you were going to talk to an American you could say, “Hey, it kind of like Miami.” Just driving down the road and seeing billboards of women in bikinis—you don’t see that anywhere else that I’ve been [in the Middle East].

You can read the whole article here.

I wasn’t lying when I told you that Beirut really IS like Miami..maybe that’s why I don’t miss home..

Anthony Bourdain No Reservations

Oh Anthony, you so sexy!

Anthony Bourdain in Miami

Anthony Bourdain hosting a show in Miami, I was sooo close!

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One response to “I told you, Beirut IS like Miami!

  1. I love his show. I would have stalked him too had I known he was here:D I agree Beirut is like Miami.

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