150,000 cocktail, um no. I’ll have an Almaza thanks.

Had some friends in town this past weekend who were staying right across from La Plage, soo…we decided to give it a go..I had yet to go to La Plage, but had heard that it is even more pretentious than Riviera..

I quickly saw why..

La Plage Beirut

This is the first thing you see when you enter..

Pretty appropriate painting if you ask me..legs, high heels, short skirts..LEGS…!

We went just in time to catch the sunset, so I didn’t really catch the place in action..DAMN.

La Plage Beirut

La Plage..

La Plage Beirut

150,000 cocktails? Thats $100 for all of my Miami people..really? WTF.

I was ready to leave after seeing this, and not being happy with their Banana Mint Daiquiri..maybe I’m a fool for actually expecting fresh fruit and not syrups and juices from concentrate..

But my friends insisted that we stay to watch the Champions League final..

Champions League Final

Watching Champions League Final at La Plage

Umm, it was…fun..

Not really, but I did enjoy a cold Almaza!

Almaza Lebanon

Alamazaaaaaa World Cup Edition



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2 responses to “150,000 cocktail, um no. I’ll have an Almaza thanks.

  1. is it even possible for a drink to be worth 150,00LL?
    thats insane!

    • meinlebanon

      I know right, and it is nothing special! Wine, fruits, and a HINT of Cointreau and Brandy..I’m obviously in the wrong line of work,,,I need to open up a bar!

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