Oh no! Not the WEATHER!

I’ve heard some strange things since coming to Lebanon,,one of which being that the “weather” causes you to get a stomach ache/stomach flu/stomach virus..

I was talking to my friend the other day, and she was telling me about her weekend..her story went something like this..

Exhibit A:  “I went to Zinc for a friends birthday, and we couldn’t get a table inside cause they were all sold out, so we were forced to get a table outside..We had a good time, but I got a really bad stomach ache the next day, and had to spend the whole day in bed!..”

So I responded with, “Did you eat something bad?  Did you have too much to drink?”

To which she replied, “No! It’s because of the weather!  You see, my stomach was warm from the vodka I was drinking, and then the cold weather made my stomach get cold..and I got sick because of the weather, and because of the change in my body temperature!”

“Ummmm WHAT?” I said, “Maybe it’s because you had too much to drink!”

“IMPOSSIBLE!  She said, it’s because of the weather!

Exhibit B:  My friend called me this morning and told me that he wasn’t going to work because he has a bad stomach..

“What did you eat last night, maybe you ate something bad?”

“I had chicken curry..but no..its definitely not the food, it’s the weather!” he said..

“IT’S NOT THE BLOODY WEATHER DUDE!  It’s the food!  If you wake up with a bad stomach in the morning, it’s because you at something bad the night before!!”

I asked some of my friends on twitter why Lebanese people think that the weather causes all sorts of ailments, and they had these insights:

@meinlebanon cause hot/cold wind will hit your stomach! “byisf2ik el-hawa”.. also you’ll get flu, backache, nick-ache, headache etc 😀

everything is related to the weather, me parking in the upper parking lot is related to weather 😛 RT:@meinlebanon:

@meinlebanon lol, I guess you answered it yourself Ms. Danielle, but I guess the reference is from teta times

I like the last one the best..the reference is definitely from TETA times!



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3 responses to “Oh no! Not the WEATHER!

  1. haha! i used to get so angry when my father would tell me i’d get gas from the cold…or if i was hot he would put alcohol on a cloth and put it on my stomach and wrap me in blankets.
    i honestly dont know where these ideas come from…but you cant argue the reasons away 🙂

    • meinlebanon

      Hahah..I mean..I understand that the weather is to blame for certain things, like seasonal migraines, head colds, runny noses..but stomach aches??!? hahahah…so funny..

      • I remember my middle school science teacher in Lebanon used to say something similar. She was Bulgarian married to a Lebanese and so she would warn us about “getting hit by the wind”. I couldn’t stop laughing; I still can’t!

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