Hump Amethyste..

I decided to celebrate Hump Day at Amethyste yesterday.. you see, in the States..Wednesday is “hump day,”  the word “hump” is a reference to making it through the middle of the work week, so if you’ve made it past Wednesday you have gotten “over the hump.”

Straight forward enough. 😉

Yeah.  welllll..I made the mistake of assuming that my co-workers here knew what Hump Day was..and was met with some pretty perplexed expressions when I greeted them with “Happy HUMP Day!”

Anywayyyy, I decided to take a break from going to the gym, and headed to Amethyste with some friends after work.  I had been to their opening a few weeks back, and was really impressed..It reminds me so much of home..of Miami.. of when I used to take a drive down to South Beach to have sushi and cocktails with my best friends..some of my most memorable South Beach nights were on a random Wednesday/”Hump Day,” and they would all commence with sushi and cocktails..and the rest…well that my history!

I liked Amethyste even more when I saw that Trinidad’s national rum was the first rum listed on their cocktail menu!  Angostura 1919!!  Not to mention they have a selection of tequila like I’ve never seen..over 50 different brands from all over the world.

Amethyste Lounge Phoenicia Hotel


Amethyste Lounge Phoenicia Hotel

Umm, how cool are these?

A guy next to us was chilling his bottle of champagne..maaann champagne on Hump Day..that is life!

Amethyste Lounge Phoenicia Hotel

Bottle poppin' at Phoenicia..

I decided that champagne on Hump Day wasn’t such a bad idea after all..So I walked myself up to the bar and asked the bartender to make me the same specialty cocktail they served opening night..

Amethyste Lounge Phoenicia Hotel

My Champagne cocktail..hell yeah! Delicious...

Had a wonderful time at Amethyste and was even able to taste some of the rums in their collection, I think what I like most about this place,,is that its surprisingly chill, laid back, oh and outdooors!!..and one of the only few lounges that actually exist in Lebanon..

Amethyste is even more beautiful at night…I will definitely be back.

Amethyste Lounge

Amethsyte at dusk..

Amethyste Lounge

Amethyste at dusk..


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4 responses to “Hump Amethyste..

  1. ZA

    Lovely place apparently! But I wonder what is the price range of their menu there for both food and drinks? because they do not have minimum charge as far as i was informed on the phone. Plus it is Phoenicia so should I wait for my next paycheck or what? 😀
    appreciate your answer on that.

    Have a ncie week end :).

  2. How did I forget to mention that there is NO MINIMUM CHARGE at Amethyste!

    Assuming that you don’t want to pop bottles of champagne, or sip on 30 year old rum, your bill shouldn’t exceed about $50 for both food and drinks..! 🙂

  3. yourboyblue

    Love the pictures, girlie. Your framing is getting much better. Excellent weight and composition on most of these! Well done!

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