“The DJ Collection” at Designer’s Entourage

So, I don’t usually wear a lot of jewelery..my watch, and a pair of studs being the only things I wear on the daily, and ocassionally, I may don a ring..

..I suppose you could say I take a minimal, classic approach to fashion..either that, or I’m just too lazy to change my accessories for every outfit..who has time for that anyway?

All of this to say, I came across a jewelery designer whose pieces perfectly compliment my style.  I personally think  jewelery is only worth buying when it compliments an array of different looks..The designer’s name is Marielle Byworth and she will be launching her new jewelery line “The DJ collection” tonight at Designer’s Entourage in Saifi Village..

Marielle Byworth

The beautiful designer, Marielle Byworth..

According to Designer’s Entourage’s Blog,

The Dj collection, remix by Dj MadJam from Beirut /Ahmad Madjam Ajam, is a playful line for the contemporary consumer. It’s made of sterling silver rhodium plated with either black diamonds for rings or onix. We push the concept further and used  record (vinyl) as a commodity. Either set in bracelet, cufflinks, dog tag, key ring, the Dj collection series 1 is set with the OM KOLTHOUM album.

The concept challenges conventional thought about artistic processes and art marketing.  This limited edition is Unisex and there are different size for bracelets and rings.

The launch party is tonight, the 28th of May from 18:00 to 22:00 at Designer’s Entourage in Saifi Village.  Gouraud Street, Saifi Village 01 981772

Care to join me?

Marielle Byworth at Designer's Entourage

how amazing is thisss! love it.

Marielle Byworth at Designer's Entourage

The DJ collection. A bracelet by Marielle Byworth..


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