Unnecessary PANIC.

My parents sent me an email in a panic over this article that appeared in CNN yesterday:

(CNN) — The Lebanese army fired anti-aircraft guns on Israeli warplanes Wednesday after what it said were repeated violations of Lebanese airspace, state media reported.

According to the National News Agency of Lebanon, the army opened fire after Israeli planes entered Lebanese airspace for a third time over a two-hour period in what would be a violation of U.N. Security Council Resolution 1701.

“The Israel Defense Forces does not comment on Israeli Air Force activity or rumors regarding it,” an IDF spokeswoman said.

Airspace violations by Israel have been reported since a cease fire was established following five weeks of fighting between Israel and Hezbollah in the summer of 2006. The Israeli military attacked after Lebanese-based Hezbollah militants kidnapped two Israeli soldiers during a cross-border raid.

Under Resolution 1701, Israel is not supposed to conduct military operations over or in Lebanon. Israel has accused Hezbollah of smuggling arms into southern Lebanon, also in violation of the resolution.

First of all, what the hell are anti-aircraft guns?

I find it so ironic that my father is in Trinidad, worrying about my safety..while I’m living it up here in Lebanon..I’m only now realizing how skewed the news (CNN in particular) is and how they are to blame for the perpetuation of inaccurate preconceptions of Lebanon.

Stop talking trash CNN!!  I’m trying to get my father to visit me, and you’re not helping!

Can anyone refer me to some unbiased news sources outside of BBC International?




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5 responses to “Unnecessary PANIC.

  1. hehehe now you know how it feels like to be on the inside 😉

  2. Mok

    Try http://english.aljazeera.net/

    It tries to be objective, and the articles are intelligent and in-depth. It’s not quite the english equivalent of Al-Jazeera, much closer to BBCs style.

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