5 female news anchors from Al-Jazeera resign..

Was watching the BBC before work this morning, yes, I do that sometimes, and I heard an interesting report concerning a mass exodus of female news anchors from Al-Jazeera..

I did some research, and found this report..

According to the Al Hayat newspaper,

No less than five Al-Jazeera female news anchors have handed in their resignations from the popular Arab television station.  The reason – “Harassment and criticism of dress and claims of immodesty.”

Sources told the newspaper that the five anchors to resign are Joumana Nammour, Lina Zahr al-Din, Julnar Musa, Luna al-Shibi, and Nofar Afali.

In addition, three more female anchors wrote a protest letter to the network’s management.  They include Khadijua Bin Qanna, Eman Banoora, and Lily A-Shili.

According the the report, sources claim that, “The Al-Jazeera anchorwomen are considered the most modestly dressed presenters of all Arab satellite channels,” subtly hinting that other Arab television channels  have female presenters that wear more revealing attire.

I did an image search on google to locate some photos of the said anchor women, expecting them to be dressed like the anchor women on the local Lebanese news channels, who look as if they are getting ready for a night of man hunting at Sky Bar or Music Hall..

Instead, I was met with these images..

Lona al-Shibel of Al-Jazeera

Lona al-Shibel of Al-Jazeera photo credit: alartist.com

Lina Zahreddin of Al-Jazeera

Lina Zahreddin of Al-Jazeera photo credit: alartist.com

Joumana Nammour of Al-Jazeera

Joumana Nammour of Al-Jazeera photo credit: fanoos.com

Umm..ok, so maybe the first two have tattooed eyebrows..but aside from that they all looked pretty conservatively dressed to me..my favorite being Ms. Joumana..what a beauty!

Wonder who, or what, they are going to get to replace these women..and if these women will perhaps found their own news channel!



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7 responses to “5 female news anchors from Al-Jazeera resign..

  1. wow what a beuty of 1st lady

  2. BeirutiAdventures

    Ahh Lina Zahreddine….the only reason why I used to watch Al-Jazeera. Oh well.

  3. tahani

    Any ways the big looser is the channel itself ,I cannot see anything wrong with the repectful ladies.But the adm. of the channel should know that their viewers are a few in lebanon. I wish luck for the ladies.

  4. Women should stay in the kitchen, according to Edward Fitzgerald of Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam fame.

    If necessary, I will keep them company.

  5. Lawrence

    I like all these ladies,pliz keep on.LAWRENCE Uganda

  6. azizi shanti

    these are beautiful women. but have little time for men and householdcores

  7. you dont resign please because i love you so much

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