Beach time!

And the eventful weekend continued straight through Sunday, when I finally made it to an actual beach, yay!  A couple of friends decided to head out to Jiyyeh,,but not before we stopped at a store to pick up some beach toys..No really, actual beach balls, frisbees, and beach tennis racquets..

You see, my friends don’t really appreciate the whole “lie down and bake” thing..and much prefer spending the day playing beach sports..

We found this store on the outskirts of Jiyyeh, and I just had to snap this picture of the name..”For You!”…you gotta love those stores that sell everything from beach balls to nail polish and sunglasses to frisbees..all “for you..”


"For You" store in Jiyyeh

We decided to hit up Bamboo Bay first, where the entire car park was full of luxury vehicles..Maseratis, Porshes and BMW..It’s no wonder we were swiftly shot down and told that the beach was “full,” only to find out that a friend of ours was able to get in a few minutes later..

We then tried our luck at Atlas Beach, right next door, where we were received with open arms..

Atlas Beach Jiyyeh

Atlas Beach Jiyyeh

Atlas Beach Jiyyeh

Atlas Beach Jiyyeh





It was nice to actually be on a beach, feel the sand between your toes, and hear the crashing of the waves..although I have to say, that I have never been in such salty water in my life!!



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2 responses to “Beach time!

  1. anateboteo

    avoid the dead sea then 🙂

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