One eventful weekend!

Whoaaaa what a weekend!  My life in Beirut is really beginning to resemble that of my life in Miamiiii!  It’s Monday, and I’m burnt and exhausted..signs of an eventful weekend I should think..

It all began with a chillout session at AUB Beach..

AUB Beach

AUB Beach

I don’t really know if “beach” is the right word..more like AUB compound..the main feature being a concrete slab and the pool above.  Oh yeah, and that poll that spills out water..Although it’s more of a family spot, it’s a nice option when you are looking for something low key, no frills tanning, in and around Beirut..and for 10,000LL, it is verrryyy reasonable!..just make sure to bring your own food, drinks, and music! 😉

AUB Beach

The lifeguard at AUB..straight chilllllin'

After the beach, I headed home to get ready for Geekfest 2.0 at Art Lounge..

According to the Geekfest website,

“Geekfest is intended to be an offline event for online people and should be interesting to anyone who’s involved in the online world and in using technology to create, educate, entertain, inform or just play around.”

You can read a more detailed recap of the event on the organizer’s, The Maniachi’s, website.  Here are a few photos of mine from the Iphone doesn’t really take good pictures at night,,so, if your interested you can see more photos by the official Geekfest photographer here…

Geekfest Beirut

Geekfest at Art Lounge..

I think I was the only one there whose phone doesn’t have a data plan..which means I couldn’t participate in the live tweeting, (I’m a suck at being a geek!) but for those who did..their tweets showed up on this large projection thingy-ma-bobber..

Geekfest Beirut

Live tweeting at Geekfest

So, instead of tweeting, I sat at the bar..intently listening to the talks ..and drank some scotch!

Art Lounge Beirut

The Bar at Art Lounge

Geekfest Beirut

Scotch drinking at Geekfest

Somehow, I managed to end up with three raffle tickets..the raffle was held to raise funds for a heart for Philippe..

Both of my friends next to me were lucky winners!  One winning 30 free sms’ from, and the other, a digital photo frame from Khoury home..LUUUUCKKYY!

Geekfest Beirut

My friend who one a digital frame..

All in all..the event was fantastic and very well organized.. and I was happy to finally meet some of my tweeps!

After Art Lounge, the party continued..first to Centrale in Saifi, and then to Behind the Green Door in Gemmmmazye..

By far, Centrale is the most innovative nightlife concept I have ever seen in my life..

After valeting your car, and walking underneath a canopy of greenery, you arrive and what looks like a simple restaurant with both indoor and outdoor seating..

Looks are often deceiving..

Below is a picture of the indoor seating see that thing along the is a wine cellar that takes up the entire length of the wall..and what’s even more incredible is that it has an elevator in the middle, so you can see the waiters going up and down searching for that perfect bottle of wine..!!  Wickkkkkkkeddd.!

Centrale Saifie


But that wasn’t the best friends told me to look up at the ceiling, at what looked like a tunnel..

“What in the world is that?” I asked..

‘That’s where the bar is!” they said.

“NOOOOOOOOOOOO….!  You have got to be kidding me!”  I said back in utter disbelief..

Centrale Saifi


Turns out they weren’t kidding..

Centrale Saifi

Inside the tunneled Centrale..

Centrale Saifi

Centrale Saifi

Again, the picture doesn’t do it justice..but the concept..knowing that you are hanging there,,suspended in a tunnel..makes the night that much more exciting!!  The music, the food, the drinks…everything was exceptional..I can’t wait to go back!

What a night..really. What a night!!


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One response to “One eventful weekend!

  1. Dar El Akhdar

    Hey “meinlebanon”!

    It’s been a while that I am following your blog and I am loving every entry of it!

    It’s so refreshing for the Beiruti-Beirut-loving guy that I am to see someone so well-travelled as you discover my city and my country.

    Keep it up!

    (And do visit my blog for more insight on Lebanon

    — Dar El Akhdar

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