Do you know your A,B,Cs?

Lebanese American School

Lebanese American School

Saw this on the way home from the beach..

It’s an advertisement for the Lebanese American School that reads, “We invented the alphabet, and we know how to teach it!”




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5 responses to “Do you know your A,B,Cs?

  1. yourboyblue

    um…the Lebanese sort of DID invent the alphabet (the first non-pictographic alphabet anyway).

    boom! Lawyered!

    • meinlebanon

      I never said they didn’t! I was merely stating that the advertisement is quite comical, thank you!

      • yourboyblue

        I say all that I say with love. Though I must admit, my tone has been rather critical when it comes to your blog, but only because I’ve come to expect great things of you.

  2. Simon

    Students of that Lebanese American School can never claim they learnt nothing from that school! there’s proof that at least they been taught the alphabets!

    You can’t blame them for aiming high! heheheh

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