DouDou or doo doo! I the only one who thinks DouDou shots taste like doo doo?!?!?

Vodka + Lemon Juice  + Tabasco + Olives filled with hot paste?  NO THANKS!

Why do Lebanese people like them so much?  Please, explaiiiiin?!!

Doudou shot Beirut Lebanon

DouDou shot!! ewwww! photo credit: DouDou FB profile!


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24 responses to “DouDou or doo doo!

  1. Simon

    Coz its COOL MAN hehehehe
    i love it when i go to lebanon and everyone is saying that…

    i also don’t get how they stuff up a perfectly good beer and put so much lemon and salt in it!!! never seen done anywhere else,,, usually u put a dash of lemon, not freakin 1/4 cup of lemon!

    • yourboyblue

      THANK YOU!
      Never understood the allure of mexican beer. IT’S NOT EVEN MEXICAN!
      Sorry…I feel quite passionate about this subject…

  2. doudou or doudont?

    Its not just the lemon juice thats too much in Lebanese “Mexican” beers..u shouldve tasted the doudou shots at behind the green used to hot sauce but i couldnt help but involuntarily cry after a 3/4 tabasco-filled shot
    but i must say doudou shots: spicy and sour..YUM

    • meinlebanon

      I want ok now who came up with that whole “Mexican Beer” concept? It’s not even Mexican! Dou Dou shots? NO THANK YOU. 😉

  3. Melodia

    LOL!!! that picture is taken by me at sesto senso kaslik! It’s nice to see it here although ur trashing the shot 😛

    I LOVE doudou :PPPPPPPP

  4. doodoo

    doudou is for doudouz .

  5. Joelle

    I am Lebanese and I adore doodoo shots,
    They wake u up when u’re asleep, they make u feel tipsy, and u don have a hungover the next day!
    So try them and u won’t regret it

  6. Mary

    Doudou shots are tasty for some people, as you know food is all about taste so if you don’t like them it’s not necessary that everyone else shouldn’t.
    Maybe the name for mexican beer is misplaced but it sure as hell beats the taste of normal beer.

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  20. I would love to know the quantity of each ingredient in Doo Doo shots. Want to taste close to the authentic!

  21. Sara G

    I adore this shot!!
    Savory > sweet

  22. niroz

    Are you just stupid or what? So you’re OK with Mexican beers (beer with lemon juice),
    Bloody Mary shot (Vodca, Tabasco, Tomato juice, and many other ingredients), olives with Martinis, etc… But,
    vodca, lemon juice, Tabasco, and an olive in one single shot? 😱
    Please explain why you’re so retarded, preferrably to a doctor. Maybe it’s personal. I’m sure the olives with hot sauce, and her companions in the shot will understand.
    Good luck!

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