What came first? The pizza or the sashimi?

Yeah Yeah..I know this is nothing new to Lebanese people, as this concept has been around for quite sometime, apparently the whole “pair sushi with everything” trend was big here a couple of years back..

but, even so.. every time I go to Scoozi, I’m still a bit thrown off at the whole “Dual Sensation Italian/Japanese Cuisine” thing..

I mean..Thai and Japenese I get..but Italian and Japanese?  Ummm…I guess it works well for indecisive people..oh, and if you are trying to capture two types of customers…

But I wonder, what came first?  The pizza or the sashimi?

Scoozi Restaurant

umm Sushi and Pizza please..



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4 responses to “What came first? The pizza or the sashimi?

  1. yourboyblue

    ew. I’m sorry, but that pizza doesn’t look appetizing. Is it any good?

  2. meinlebanon

    Actually, you were right when you said that it’s very difficult to take pictures of food and make it look appetizing! The pizza was actually very good!

  3. jinan

    yeah you are right!
    I was confused as well when I saw that “italian/japanese cuisine” sign!
    well, this goes under: only in Lebanon!

  4. bahaafe

    Its definitely a Lebanese thing and you will find it no where else, but the fact that he has no identity and no speciality makes me hesitate to go eat there :S

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