Can’t get away!!

So, I watched my first football match (ever) this weekend..England vs. USA.. while eating at a Mexican Restaurant, during my foray in Beirut, Lebanon…

yeah…if that isn’t globalization for ya’, I don’t know what is..

World Cup Lebanon

Watching the England vs. USA match at El Molino

I sat there, sipping on my Apple margarita while everyone around me made their customary World Cup noises (which sounded more like mating calls to me), and periodically giggling in amusement as to how people can get so riled up about an event that their country isn’t even participating in..

..and just when I was about to get bored, I looked up and made two new Mexican friends..who seemed to be sharing my same sentiment of, well..indifference (apparently it is this indifference that makes me oh so AMERICAN.) 😉

El Molino Hamra

Mis amigos..

I’m slowly realizing that I will have to embrace the World Cup over the next month (if you can’t beat them, join them!), as I will be hard pressed to find a place that isn’t airing it, friends who aren’t watching it, and people who aren’t talking about it..

Everywhere I go, my indifference taunts me..the gym, the coffee shop, the Mexican restaurant, and even at work!

World Cup Lebanon

there is no getting away, even at work!

so maybe, just maybe..The World Cup might end up growing on me…but only if they ban those annoying vuvuzelas!!


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2 responses to “Can’t get away!!

  1. Danielle, my advice for you is to join them. The WC is a big event for us Lebanese (though we have never even came close to qualifying). Also, during this month, everyone takes on a new nationality. It would be very common to find a Lebanese saying I am Brazilian or I am German. Do not ask why, there is no logical answer!

    As for the WC itself, I pray they ban those annoying vuvuzelas!! They just cause so much pain!

  2. Well, I do not plan on joining them. I plan on surviving the world cup while staying indifferent!

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